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Kids Learn About Coastal Erosion

September 24, 2004
Reported by KPLC Staff

They're "Going Coastal" at the Lake Charles Civic Center. That's coastal with a "C." It's all part of the national campaign to save America's Wetland that is coastal Louisiana. And many believe it starts with our kids.

Meet the estuarians, they're here along with their pal Mr. Bill to help get kids on board with "America's Wetland: The Campaign to Save Coastal Louisiana."

School children from though out the area had a chance to learn about the wetlands and coast, how fragile it is and how it needs to be protected.

Val Marmillion is a consultant for the America's Wetlands Campaign: "The kids not only in Lake Charles but in the world are going to be the future of this coastal problem. It's a big problem, it's going to last a long time. And Lake Charles is a perfect site for dealing with these issues. You have the lake, you're close the estuarine areas, the Gulf of Mexico is not far and I just saw a picture this morning of where there was a lake near the Gulf surrounded by land and now it's open water."

Even the children seem to be picking up on the urgency of the message. Go Coastal is part of the plan to let citizens know how to get involved. Plus they're trying to educate those of all ages in Louisiana so they can help convince the nation to commit to saving coastal Louisiana.

Mark Davis is the Director of the Coalition to restore Coastal Louisiana. Davis says everyone needs to work hard to spread the word before it's too late. Louisiana loses an estimated 24 square miles of wetlands each year.

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