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KPLC Towers Fall, Services Interrupted

March 4, 2004
Reported by Danner Evans

There was an awe-inspiring scene near Fenton Thursday afternoon when KPLC's two television transmitting towers toppled to the ground. The two towers came down just before 5 p.m., destroying the station's transmitters and transmitter building.  

Those two towers were nearly 16-hundred feet tall, as tall as a 160 story building. Eyewitnesses say they've never seen anything like this before.  "I was at my house, heard a noise and I came outside and the towers were collapsing," says Jamie Hatfield.   

Hatfield's house is 10 miles north of Iowa.  "You could feel the ground shake, here I was at, I'm only a quarter mile away." Hatfield, who is also the Fire Chief in Jeff Davis, quickly responded.  "Big boom, a lot of noise, I heard crackling. Called my firemen, jumped in my truck and came out to the scene. And this is what we found." 

"We built a new tower and we were in the process of taking the old tower down," says KPLC's Chief Engineer John Scott.  He says there is an emergency plan already in action.  "We're getting a low power transmitter brought down right now plus a temporary antenna.  Hopefully we'll have something on the air by the weekend."  

KPLC service remains unaffected for Cox cable customers in the Lake Charles, Lafayette and Acadiana areas. 

Some KPLC Newscasts are being simulcast on the radio:  KLCL AM 1470 in the Lake Charles area, and KJEF AM 1290 in the Jennings area.


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