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Gay Marriages in Louisiana

February 24, 2004
Reported by KPLC Staff

A politically active gay and lesbian group in Louisiana immediately attacked President Bush for his proposal to ban gay marriages.

But others, including two US Senate candidates, say they would support such a ban.

Yesterday, Bush called on Congress to pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage to protect what he calls the most fundamental institution of civilization.

Christopher Daigle is the political adviser to Equality Louisiana. He says the issue of marriage regardless of the gender of the parties involved should not be used as a football on the political gridiron.

US Representative David Vitter, Metairie, a candidate for Senate, supports the president's move.

Vitter was an original co-sponsor of a House resolution by Representative Marilyn Musgrave, of Colorado, calling for such an amendment.

Representative Chris John, who is also a candidate for the Senate, is not one of the 112 co-sponsors of the Musgrave legislation.

But he issued a statement yesterday saying that if a constitutional amendment came to the floor of the House, he would vote for it.

State Treasurer John Kennedy, the other Democratic candidate, could not be reached for comment. The three men are vying to replace longtime Democratic US Senator John Breaux, who opposes such an amendment.

Breaux says states rather than Congress should decide whether to recognize gay marriages. Bush left the door open to civil unions in which states could grant health benefits to homosexual partners.

But he says that all states should be bound by the same definition of marriage.

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