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Tennessee school requires iPad for class

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Knoxville, TN -

KNOXVILLE, TN (CNN) - It's something many children have begged their parents for. Now, for some Tennessee students, it's a requirement.

Webb School, a private school in Knoxville, TN is requiring all fourth through 12th grade students to have an iPad for classes next year.

"To be able to use that technology whenever they need it, rather than, as it is now, they have to check out a cart, a laptop cart, or schedule lab time to take a class to a lab," said Jim Manikas, technology director at the school.

A student who doesn't already own one can lease one.

"We're going to make that as easy as possible. We'll offer a lease, a three-year lease for that," Manikas said. "In essence, you're talking about 200 dollars a year, paid over a 10-month school year, you're talking about $20 a month."

Manikas says the school wants the iPad to replace textbooks over time.

"Once I explored it, I was really excited, because there are things we can do better on this than we can on a paper text," said Elli Shellist, an English teacher at the school.

School officials say websites such as Facebook and Twitter will be blocked on campus.

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