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Perfect Brownie

The Perfect Brownie Pan Set. The Perfect Brownie Pan Set.
The divider that splits the batter into squares. The divider that splits the batter into squares.
Spraying the pan with cooking spray as suggested. Spraying the pan with cooking spray as suggested.
Removing the divider from the cooked brownies. Removing the divider from the cooked brownies.
Evenly cooked and perfectly sliced brownies. Evenly cooked and perfectly sliced brownies.

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Perfect Brownie is a baking set that's designed to make slicing and serving the chocolate treats much easier.  Any time is a good time for brownies, but Halloween is the perfect time of year to make the perfect brownie.  The Perfect Brownie Pan Set comes with an open bottom, non-stick pan that measures eleven inches long by seven inches wide.  A thin non-stick sheet fits in the bottom to fill the hole during baking and also acts as a serving sheet in conjunction with a special rack.  A divider pre-slices the batter before cooking.  Using a Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie mix, I followed its instructions for a non-stick pan, setting the oven to 325° to preheat.

"You'll notice that the perfect brownie pan has a hole in the bottom of it that you have to cover with this non-stick flat metal sheet in the bottom of it," I said.  "There's a couple things the instructions ask you to do to prevent any leakage.  First of all, we'll preheat the brownie pan itself for five minutes in the oven without anything in it while we prepare the batter.  Then when we go to bake everything, we'll place it on another non-stick cookie sheet to prevent any mess from getting into our oven."

I placed the pan in my preheated oven to warm it.  Then, I prepared my brownie batter by mixing the ingredients together in a medium bowl, as instructed by the batter box.  I pulled the preheated pan from the oven and placed it on the cookie sheet.   I could have also lined the pan with foil instead to prevent leaking.  I generously coated the pan with non-stick cooking spray as instructed and poured the batter into the pan.  Finally, I hit the divider with non-stick spray, and placed it in the pan to split up the batter.  I placed the pan back into the oven.  Following the instructions for a 13"x9" pan, I set the timer for twenty-five minutes.  Twenty-five minutes later, it was time to remove the brownies to cool.  It looked that this was the perfect amount of time to fully bake the batter.  I pulled the divider out while the brownies were still warm as suggested by the instructions.  The divider slid out easily, leaving eighteen perfect brownie squares.

I continued, "Well I like my brownies warm so we're going to get right to this.  The final step in the Perfect Brownie Pan Set tm it so easy to enjoy your treats is the fact that it comes with this rack.  With the hole in the bottom, you should just be able to place it on the top of this rack, slide it down, and get ready to enjoy the perfect brownie."

As an added bonus, there were no leaks on the cookie sheet afterwards, so no mess to clean up after cooking.  It looks like the Perfect Brownie Pan Set cooks excellent brownies and gets a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  We found our Perfect Brownie Pan Set at local retailers selling for $19.99.  The kit comes with a free set of ten decorative stencils as well as a recipe book with twelve recipes.

Web Extra:  Honestly, I really enjoyed using the Perfect Brownie to bake brownies.  It seems that you may get similar results taste and texture wise using a standard non-stick pan, but this really made the serving part easy.  When I've baked in the past, it seems almost impossible to get the perfect slices without scratching the bottom of the pan or getting crumbs everywhere.  This was extraordinarily simple to not only slice the brownies, but also to serve the brownies.  And the effort needed to clean up afterwards was minimal.  The holes in the divider are big enough to fit modest sized hands into with a sponge for cleaning.  For those of you with a dishwasher, the pieces are dishwasher safe, so it's even easier.  You can cook many other baked goods that you would cook in a regular pan using the Perfect Brownie Pan Set.  This took some of the angst out of baking and made serving super simple.

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