VIDEO: Jennings Police investigating allegedly ‘intentional’ two-vehicle accident

Jennings Police investigating alleged ‘intentional’ two-vehicle accident

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - Jennings police are investigating a two-vehicle accident where a man is accused of hitting a woman on purpose in Jennings, according to Chief Danny Semmes.

Semmes says the accident happened on Grace Street and Anna Street on Nov. 25. JPD is investigating this accident as a criminal act.

After speaking to witnesses, Semmes says the accident may have been intentional. The two drivers are alleged to have been in a relationship.

A viewer sent KPLC a video of the accident time-stamped at 1:48 p.m. The video shows a vehicle driving at an increased speed and hitting another vehicle on its left side, damaging both vehicles.

The female driver has been transported to a hospital in Jennings with a broken leg. Semmes says no arrests have been made as of yet and JPD is still investigating.

KPLC and FOX29 are following this story and will update as we receive more information.

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