McNeese students weigh in on Bayou Bikeshare Plan

McNeese students weigh in on Bayou Bikeshare Plan

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A few months ago we told you about a group working to bring a bike share program to Calcasieu parish.

After taking a look at area roads the team is now focusing on people on-the-go, who better to talk to than college students.

The conversation to make Calcasieu parish more bike friendly has been going on for quite some time.

In July, the Bayou Bikeshare Plan was first introduced in Sulphur, fast forward to today, officials are now studying how the program could benefit students at McNeese.

“I definitely think it would work here because there’s just so much happening,” said freshman, Connor Way.

For students like Connor, who venture off campus during free time..the program is a big deal.

There’s lots of pros behind bike sharing, some studies even show it’s safer than riding a personal bike.

But what about the cons... yes, the city is seeing rapid growth but is it enough to peddle this new philosophy.

“So we’re evaluating can it work? That’s really what we want to get down to the bottom of," said Lindsey West, CEO of the Bayou BikeShare Plan.

"We feel like y’all have some great bones..there is a grid system downtown where it could really work and McNeese is a really connected campus,” she said.

“There are constraints here, there isn’t a lot of bike infrastructure so that is difficult," said Project planner, Rae-leigh Starc.

"There is a need for sidewalks as we’ve seen on some of these main roads..just trying to make sure there are areas where people can bike safely and comfortably.”

The bikeshare study is going to address alternative transportation services, equity, and healthier lifestyles. The voices of the citizens are imperative for the project.

View the interactive map:

7News spoke to a number of students and got their take on the overall project.

“As far as bike sharing goes, you really need some kind of way to police far as that goes, I’d rather just have my own," said a student.

“I think it’s a great idea because if I don’t want to walk to class one day, I’ll just ride my’s a good form of exercise too,” said Patrick Juneau.

“I think it would benefit McNeese students.. however, I would set some safety regulations beforehand," said freshman, Abigail Crater.

Several entities have put up a total of 40, dollars to fund the bikeshare study.

Results are expected to be available in Spring of 2019.

Learn more about the Bayou Bikeshare Project HERE. You can also let your voice be heard and take the community survey HERE.

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