Construction set to start on Louisiana Avenue Monday morning

Construction set to start on Louisiana Avenue Monday morning

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The signs have been up on Louisiana Avenue warning drivers of coming construction, and beginning on the morning of Monday Oct. 29, work is expected to begin.

That means, drivers who normally cross the Contraband Bayou Bridge will have to take a detour. The construction stems from repairs being done to the bridge. Mike Huber, the Director of Planning for the city of Lake Charles, says though this isn’t out of the ordinary, it is still important to get done.

“This project is just a regular project, all the bridges in the city of Lake Charles are inspected by DOTD on a regular basis and they identified a few maintenance items we needed to correct on it, and they give you 12 months to get that done,” Huber said.

Huber says that maintenance report was done last December, and now says construction is ready to begin.

“We like to say it’s going to be about a month,” Huber said. “It’s going to start Monday, the end of October. It 'ought to be finished the end of November.”

Huber says it’s not so much on the top, but rather underneath where a lot of concrete patching, joint repairs, and an overall cleanup to protect from future erosion is going to be the focus of their work.

“The reason we’re working under the bridge like that and doing those types of repairs is why we can’t have any vehicle traffic going across,” Huber said. “Vehicle traffic leads to vibration, and if you’re trying to repair something and there’s vibration, it may not work properly.”

He says for that reason, the road will not be opening back up until the work is finished.

“Both north and southbound traffic; the goal is to divert over to Kirkman street and to go around and proceed wherever they were headed,” Huber said.

Huber says police will be present to help assure a smooth flow of traffic and the safety of drivers. He says delays shouldn’t be too bad, but drivers should leave a little earlier to make it to their destination on time, just in case.

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