8th Annual Culture Fest in Lake Charles

8th Annual Culture Fest in Lake Charles

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Held at the Lake Charles civic center the 8th Annual Culture Fest brought people from all walks of life together under one roof.

In the day and age of genealogy tests, everyone is looking to learn about their cultural background.

“There’s many cultures in the world, and each one can be very important and ours is one of them,” eleven year old, Pakistani Fatima Ahmed said.

But why not learn about someone else’s while you’re at it?

“There’s so much outside southwest Louisiana for them to experience,” Culture Fest co-founder Pat Kelty said.

“These cultures are kinda living in their silos and this was an opportunity to bring everyone together,” co-founder Jay Patel added.

Guests were able to envision themselves in someone else’s culture. For some, they could find out other countries weren’t much different than their own.

“It’s a very humid country very much like Louisiana, and people eat food very spicy, very hot, very much like Louisiana in many sense,” Bangladesh native Muhammad Haque said.

The festival showing a sense of the diversity the city of Lake Charles offers.

“I didn’t know that in such a small town, that there were so many cultures,” Spain native Judith Mendoza said. “It was just amazing.”

People of all ages coming together to teach and showcase the traditions they hold so dear.

“Coming here we introduce ourselves to let them know the world is not white, black or gray, it’s a mixture of shade,” Haque said. “If we can get used to people racial religious background we can live more peacefully.”

From the food, artwork, dances, clothing and music, you’ll never find two of anything.

The founders of culture fest say they hope people will continue to come together to learn about other cultures, and share in each other’s heritage.

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