Legislator Dorothy Sue Hill makes impassioned plea to committee for road improvements

Legislator pleads with committee for rural road improvements

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A Beauregard legislator made an impassioned plea before the Louisiana Joint Legislative Committee on highway construction priorities.

Representative Dorothy Sue Hill of Dry Creek will soon hit her term limit and she’s begging to get road repairs for those she represents.

Those who represent sparsely populated areas often have miles and miles of roads that need to be repaired or redone.

Hill represents parts of Allen, Beauregard and Calcasieu parish. She says she’s tried unsuccessfully to get improvements to some deteriorating roads, especially parts of Highway 26 between Oberlin and DeRidder.

“This is Highway 26. We need it very badly. This is one road I have been asking for for eleven years,” she explained about a part of the highway.

And she says Highway 190 near the Sabine River and other roads there were damaged from flood waters in 2016.

Hill has been home bound due to a hip replacement and says she wasn’t sure her doctors would allow her to attend, but she says she was determined.

“You know what? My home health nurse and my home therapist, I said if it can help our roads because they need to travel on those roads to get to my house and to my office and they said, ‘You go. As soon as you get back home you get in bed.’ So, i’m here pleading, pleading, or begging, however I can do it,” she told the committee, of which she is a member.

Hill explained part of the urgency is that she is term limited which means she cannot run for re-election next year.

"Please, please do I have to get down on my knees? I couldn't get up. You'd have to help me up. But I'm pleading and begging you all, okay? And I think you all know I've asked you all several times about these roads," she said.

At least some of the road improvements Hill is asking for are expected to be addressed by 2020.

The public can review the state’s preliminary road construction priority list and provide written comments by mailing them to Joint Transportation, Highways & Public Works Committee, CO LA.DOTD SECTION 85, P.O. BOX 94245, Baton Rouge, La. 70804-9245

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