Jeff Davis Parish School Board introduces state-wide school safety policy

Jeff Davis Parish School Board introduces state-wide school safety policy

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A new school policy is being introduced in Jeff Davis Parish and across the state.

A part of school safety laws passed this summer by legislators, one policy requires every school district to have a way to report potential school threats.

“You know if you hear something that’s pretty serious, bottom line, we have gotta know as a school system to try to put procedures in place to prevent something from happening,” Ben Oustalet, child welfare and transportation for Jeff Davis Parish, said.

Oustalet said while the district already had school safety measures in place, the policy adds more mandatory requirements.

“There will be a specific way on our parish website where you can report a threat and it will go to us as a district, as a school, and then we will follow protocol and procedures,” he said.

However, these threats don’t always happen during school hours.

“It could possibly be on a weekend, it could be late one night and you overhear something, you know, the buzz of social media; what people are putting on the media," Oustalet said. "So, if it’s something credible and you think something could happen—if it’s not during school hours—we want you to call the sheriff’s department and report it.”

He said this will allow the district to be proactive rather than reactive if a dangerous situation arises.

“The whole thing about all of this is communities, schools, and the school board working together to try to solve the problem. If we can do that, we can prevent something serious from happening.”

This policy was just introduced at a committee meeting on the night of October 16 and will be formally voted on to be adopted by the school board on October 18.

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