BPSO deputies will now carry Narcan

BPSO to carry Narcan

BEAUREGARD PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies will now carry Narcan, an opiod overdose reversal medication for emergency situations.

BPSO received the Narcan through the Beauregard Prevention Coalition, facilitated by the Imperial Calcasieu Human Services Authority. The organization is a group of individuals from different sectors within the parish who educate parents and children on the dangers of underage drinking and prescription drug abuse.

ImCal HSA was able to provide the Narcan to BPSO through State Targeted Response ti the Opiod Crises Grant.

For more information on the grant, click here.

According to law enforcement, the potentially life-saving medication is not only an antidote for those who may be overdosing, but for the deputies as well.

“It is the, per say, the overdose reversal drug," said Charlotte Satcher-Walker, Beauregard Prevention Coalition Coordinator. "Maybe the Sheriff’s Office is called out and they have the Narcan on site, they know there is an overdose—they can readily act to reverse that overdose.”

BPSO and Beauregard Prevention Coalition say they have partnered on multiple projects, such as the Drug Take Back Program.

“We’ve partnered with them for several different projects, this is the latest one," said BPSO Chief Deputy Mark Herford. "We really appreciate their interest in our safety because it is a safety issue for us as well as the community.”

BPSO says it has enough Narcan for all deputies on patrol to have it in case of an emergency.

“There’s carfentanil and fentanyl, which even in small doses, can cause anybody, including law enforcement responding to cases where it is present where we could have to self-administer to save ourselves as well as the innocent civilians who may have been exposed to it.” said Herford. He says thankfully, that hasn’t happened to a deputy in Beauregard Parish.

“It’s very important that they have it," said Satcher-Walker. "Like I said before, if they are called out to a situation and that person has overdosed, they can administer Narcan on the spot and they can bring that person back. They can save a life at that point.”

To learn more about Narcan, click here.

Herford and Satcher-Walker say Narcan is specifically for opiod overdoses. It forms a stronger bond with opiod receptors in the brain than the opiod itself. They say if it is administered for any other type of drug overdose, it will not have an affect.

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