Parent claims child was left on a Calcasieu Parish School bus

Parent claims child was left on a Calcasieu Parish School bus

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Aden Stafford, a 9-year-old student, says he was the last one on the school bus when the driver drove past his house.

“I was scared. I thought I had been kidnapped or something, but still it was very scary for me because I was afraid the bus driver would yell at me," said Aden.

Aden says he thought he was being kidnapped and was going to walk home when an employee of the gas station allegedly spotted him, bringing him back to the bus driver.

The Calcasieu Parish school board said in a statement that the bus driver then dropped Aden off at home.

“I saw my son walking up the driveway and he was in tears and the bus driver took off, never contacted me or anything," said Allyson Stafford, Aden’s mom.

This is when Allyson decided to contact the school board.

“The superintendent reassured me that everything was going to be handled, but also told me I was overreacting," Allyson said.

“'Yes ma’am, it could have been a lot worse but it wasn’t and you should just be thankful for that.' And that’s exactly what he told me,” explained Allyson.

Aden’s family hopes that from this point forward it gets taken seriously.

“It is a big deal. They’re failing me and they’re failing every other parent. It just happened to be my child who it happened to,” Allyson said.

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