Moss Bluff initiates Belfield Ditch project

Moss Bluff initiates Belfield Ditch project

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC)-Excessive flooding in Moss Bluff has been an ongoing problem for residents.

The Gravity Drainage District has started working to expand the Belfield Ditch. The project came after an engineering group conducted a drainage study and concluded that the area needed help. It consists of increasing the capacity of the ditch that stretched from North Perkins Ferry Road to just east of Belfield Road.

“This has been 10 years in the making,” said Gravity Drainage District board member, Darby Quinn. “It took four years of planning and six years of funding that we’re trying to bring to fruition here.”

Costing a little over $4 million, the majority of funding comes from federal dollars. The ditch will increase the amount of rain water that can flow out of the area and into the Indian Bayou.

Jennifer Cobian with the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury says that this project could be the gateway for future flooding prevention programs.

“We’ve learned how to submit drainage projects for FEMA funding and we’ve learned this entire process from start to finish and so we look forward to being able to submit future projects,” said Cobain.

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