All-way stop implemented in Calcasieu Parish

Four-way stop announced at the intersection of La. 397 and La. 14.

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Department of Transportation and Development implemented a plan that will hopefully help traffic concerns off a high crash site in Lake Charles.

Accidents occurring at the intersection of La. 397 and Highway 14 have been a problem for year, and with the continuous problem, DOTD has been looking for a solution.

“A role of our traffic engineering department is to monitor and study each of our intersections and we began looking at the intersection in 2015 and looking at that crash spot saying what we can we do hear to provide a safe alternative for our traveling public," said Tammy York, a public information officer for Lake Charles DOTD.

They are making the intersection an all-way stop. Two are already in place on Ward Line Road and La. 397, so they will add two more to Highway 14.

Tammy says that this is just a small part of a bigger plan of replacing the intersection with a round-a-bout.

“This is just a temporary solution, the all way stop, it just takes time and so once we get there, then we can remove those all way stops and traffic is going to flow a little bit better," explained York.

The round-a-bout is set to be finished by October 2020.

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